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The Science-Art Solution to Climate Change

During my 1978 residency at the University of Adelaide, I wrote to black hole physicists around the world and told them that when Einstein’s mathematical theories were subjected to universal forces under the law of equivalence and opposite reaction, then his worldview of physics should be rewritten.

My theories have been recorded in Australian journal articles and attacked by influential scholars as nonsense. However, two world-famous black hole physicists, John Taylor and Remo Ruffini came to my defense and the argument became the subject of international scientific speculation.

In 1979, the Australian National Television Science Unit documented the life works of seven world-renowned scientists and included my theories of science and the arts in its eight-part series, Scientists – Discovery Profiles. This has been shown internationally and my section has been subtitled, Pope Catalyst. The Director of the Australian National Television Science Unit saw my research as a catalyst for the introduction of more advanced life sciences. I believed that my theories contained information that proved that Einstein’s mathematical structure of reality did not apply to biological systems.

The human stimulus does not bring massive intellectual actions to the world. He or she somehow allows large scientific changes to be given by a very small amount of information that makes big changes. For example in my case, once it turns out that Plato’s morally sacred geometry belongs to the biological sciences, the mathematical logic of quantum mechanics begins to fail.

Plato argued that there are both ethical and immoral forms of artistic thought. They were created by the action of the magnetic properties of the magnetite stone, which he linked with the actions of the universal life force. He linked the geometric electromagnetic properties of lightning to interacting with the development of consciousness. This process may be related to the formation of other geometric patterns in nature, as when sunlight evaporates wet clay leads to the formation of geometric patterns. On the other hand, Einstein’s mathematics can be considered illusory because it is based on a geometric point that has no width, breadth, or depth. Plato called mathematicians prisoners forced to obey the vague illusions of reality described in his parable of the cave.

It was invented by Norbert Wiener, the father of modern cybernetics, as a destructive weapon. He later realized that it was much more dangerous than all the nuclear wars. Vienna then realized that his evolutionary progress in physics belonged to Plato’s ethical cybernetics. Cybernetic engineering is about emotional consciousness that exists in two forms, one biologically creative and the other biologically destructive. Creative cybernetics is programmed to touch on aspects of a multidimensional world beyond the understanding of primitive tribal science. The extreme aggressiveness of the thought-provoking performance of attractive mathematicians in Plato’s cave of illusory reality was just a normal state of evolving tribal consciousness.

Einstein’s dedication to aggressive tribal science is evident in a Chinese text of the world’s oldest military treaty. “The art of war is important to the state. It is a question of life and death, whether it is a path to safety or to ruin. That is why it is an investigative subject that can in no way be neglected.” Plato’s saviors in his futuristic book The Republic can be considered the “guardians” of a new artistic creative biological science that develops the equal and opposing forces of the primary forces of indistinguishable destruction. Plato’s moral mathematics seems to address how a civilization could become part of the health of the universe to prevent the extinction of the fossils of armed and fighting dinosaurs discovered by ancient Greek explorers.

During the golden age of Islamic sciences, the Arab mathematician and physicist Ibn al-Haytham, known as the father of modern optics, declared that Plato’s optical mathematical sciences have a moral component. His research introduced the ethical theories of sacred geometry into western tribal science. However, he was still confused about the connection of moral mathematics with Plato’s visual concept of infinity. My research center in Australia decided to solve this century’s mathematical dilemma, once and for all, to understand how tribal science can transition to its creative mathematical equivalent for human survival.



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