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A Letter to Science About the Antidote for Cancer

Awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1937, Szent-Gyorgyi was a co-founder of the US National Cancer Research Foundation. His 1974 “Letter to Science” stated that the accepted criteria for applying for significant government funding for cancer research were detrimental. From a political and medical scientific perspective, funding for a cure for cancer has been hampered because the accepted criteria for substantive research were themselves carcinogenic in nature.

As a Hungarian citizen during World War II, he avoided taking over the Gestapo because of the fascist government’s offensive political science theories. After the war, he rejected the political theories of Russian communism in order to continue his cancer research in the United States. His treatise on the science used political ideas belonging to the pagan atomic sciences of ancient Greece for moral purposes. The pagan concept of the 28-day lunar motion, which echoes emotional mathematical information for atomic metabolism associated with the female cycle, was taught at the Epicurean University of ancient Athens.

Nevertheless, these ideas transcend the limits of modern science found within the legal systems of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. We hope that science can solve the problem and that this will have practical value in the future for all three, giving a cure to cancer and giving them a more benevolent global scientific culture.

Szent-Gyorgyi saw the ancient Greek model of developing political science to lead a noble government for the health of the universe, to prevent the extinction of civilization, as a medical problem. It is the opposite of the dominant global vermiculture, which actually requires the extinction of all life in the universe. It is clear that the concept of a cult of death to reality belongs to a scientific and cancerous mindset.

The idea of American democracy contains aspects of ancient Greek moral political science. In 2017, this concept of democracy was clearly revealed as plutocracy: domination of the rich. We can argue that within a culture driven by thermodynamic chaos, this current plutocracy may be a common prudent precondition for the immediate survival of economic tribes, inspired by democratic moral values. However, its own scientific carcinogenic nature must sooner or later lead to a recurrence of the well-documented periodic destruction of tribal communities. Oncogenic science is now helping to accelerate this process to a final state, obeying the prevailing law of thermodynamic extinction.

All that is needed to evolve beyond this situation is simply to combine the rich technical knowledge with the logic of the relevant survival antidote in a computer set up to generate a simulation of a human survival plan. Such simulations will define new technological guidelines to accumulate unimaginable wealth, along with administrative guidelines to benefit people. This model contrasts with the illusory expectations that exist in society, based on the current global flow of dysfunctional information.

This core research methodology has already been applied in this century, but the clear understanding of cancer treatment has been completely ignored, Szent-Gyorgyi predicted. In 1979 Kun Huang, the most awarded Chinese physicist gave Australian scientific and artistic researchers a methodology for measuring the existence of life force.

In 1995, this mathematical discovery became physical coordination of the director of the Basic Research Institute in America, to discover new laws of physics that govern the evolution of life forms.

However, the description of the crazy ape mindset of the Nobel Prize identified a completely normal case of mathematical schizophrenia at the twilight of civilization. This reality only highlights the enormous technological potential of humanity if a great political leader bothers to encourage the generation of the aforementioned human survival plans. From these projects, completely new technologies are rapidly being developed for the benefit of man.



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