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Blockchain Metaverse | How It’s Going To Change The Metaverse Concept

One of the ways to grow and protect your wealth at a significant level is to be ahead of huge trends that are up and coming. This article discusses one of those trends called the blockchain metaverse. 

The internet, smartphone, and cloud, to name a few, all arrived in the world

preceded by a presence in science fiction. The next big thing in the digital age is likely to come and potentially change everyday life. It’sIt’s called the metaverse.

The metaverse is a superset of virtual reality, augmented reality, and the internet. Its tendencies exist you may already be familiar with, such as in popular video games like Roblox, Fortnite, and animal crossing. 

Humans interact in computer programs in a 3d virtual environment in the metaverse. In reality, instead of a fully 3d virtual reality, it might be little more than a set of applications that aid in delivering goods. Imagine an augmented reality application that lets you peruse through potential homes or office spaces by simply pointing your phone at them.  

What Is The Blockchain Metaverse?

If you are not familiar with the term metaverse, virtual reality merges blockchain and virtual worlds aspects. It’sIt’s an entirely new massively multiplayer online role-playing game. An MMORPG developed on the blockchain where users interact in real-time. 

The best way to think about this idea is to think about a massively multiplayer version of second life. The popular virtual reality simulation happens in the early 2000s. In this world, users can create their avatars and interact with others in a gaming environment.

The metaverse is the internet of things on steroids. It’sIt’s a digital platform that merges virtual and real worlds through the internet and blockchain technology that allows people to create new value units. 

Some people believe metaverse is the blockchain’s answer to growing centralization within other platforms, mainly social media. Facebook controls billions of users, and it has become a behemoth that many are worried about regarding security and privacy issues.

Decentralization And Metaverse

The above matter brings us back to one of the central tenets behind decentralization, giving power back to the people with both blockchain and virtual reality. No centralized server holds information about your identity in a metaverse world. 

It means you have to create an identity on the blockchain, which can be complicated. 

However, projects are already working on that could solve this issue. For example, Orchid is developing a new peer-to-peer (p2p) system with anonymous transactions that helps users run virtual reality applications independently.

Ultimately, this fits into one of the most significant objectives behind blockchain technology: a future where there is a shift away from centralized control and power. The metaverse is a p2p decentralized platform run by those who use it. 

The metaverse will also have its cryptocurrency, much like the other major virtual gaming worlds, second life and the world of warcraft. People can buy items within these games using their digital tokens, used for other transactions within the game. The same will apply to the metaverse.


 There is more chance that people get really into it just like they did with second life.

But, When?

The only real question is when this will happen, much like how it took time for virtual reality games to become mainstream. 

The metaverse may take some time to become famous. Blockchain technology is still relatively new, and it’s difficult to say when people will get into it in a big way.

However, we already see the early stages of what can happen within a virtual world connected to blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Many believe that blockchain and virtual reality will drive the next major tech boom. This reflex some significant changes are coming regarding how people interact online.

Today the metaverse is still under development, but it won’t be that way forever. In the future, we’ll all have a new way to interact and create virtual universes of our own while we do it, and blockchain will make it possible.

Blockchain Metaverse Projects

The most exciting thing about blockchain technology is its decentralized nature which gives power back to the people. 

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology enable a shared economy where anyone can participate on a peer-to-peer basis without third-party entities controlling the funds centralizing systems, or charging fees. 

blockchain Metaverse

Blockchain also makes it possible for new forms of socialization and economic models that were never before possible. 


Decentraland is a virtual environment where users purchase and build land plots to navigate, engage with others and monetize. 

Decentraland is designed mainly for content producers, companies, and people seeking new digital methods to engage outside the real world.

Decentraland, like the actual world, has a fixed amount of space with slightly over 90 000 unique land plots represented by ERC-721 non-fungible tokens. 

Many Decentraland land owners presently monetize their virtual real estate by leasing advertising and providing paid experiences such as casinos, digital art galleries, and events.

In addition to being a creative platform, users may also earn money by developing goods and selling them on the Decentraland marketplace for Mana, the native cryptocurrency of Decentraland.

The Sandbox 

The Sandbox is a virtual world where users develop, construct, purchase and sell digital items. 

The Sandbox is a blockchain-based decentralized version of Minecraft. One of the most prominent blockchain-based decentralized game platforms.

The Sandbox team is building a platform that allows users to be both creators and gamers, simultaneously making money as they play and participate in their digital worlds.

The Sandbox is a one-of-a-kind initiative because it brings collaborative gaming to the blockchain sector allowing users to participate in new ways.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based trading game in which players acquire, breed, grow, combat, and trade Axis, which are NFT based creatures. 

If you’re acquainted with non-fungible tokens and card games, Axie Infinity is the best example of a blockchain-based game that blends pokemon with crypto kitties.

Each Axie is a non-fungible token (NFT) that can be leveled up and earned Smooth Love Portion (SLP), the in-game currency you can exchange for real money by entering battles. 

It is one of the first blockchain games to promote play-to-earn gaming concepts successfully.

Axie Infinity is an integrated virtual game that is a perfect example of how users can communicate and play games with others in the metaverse related to how card games like Pokemon and Eugeo work in the physical world.

V Empire D-DAO 

V Empire is dedicated only to the actual decentralization of decentralized autonomous organizations.

The initiative’s goal is to combat so-called decentralized programs that have grown relatively centralized. V Empire makes metaverse token staking easier by allowing users to stake tokens like Mana and Sand in a Defi style. 

A staking strategy that pays off in Vamp, from the company’s native cryptocurrency.

V Empire buys and monetizes metaverse land using stake tokens then distributes the earnings to the stake.

The project’s goal is to prevent the metaverse from being taken over and controlled by corporations which may transform it into a big cash cow instead of serving its original purpose of providing a decentralized digital extension of the real world.

Many blockchain metaverse projects are coming out lately as the Defi and NFT concepts are booming. Decentralization will attract more people than we can imagine as central authorities and businesses like Facebook only want to control society as they wish. 

In other words, only blockchain technology can offer an authentic decentralized, secure metaverse experience while protecting your data. 




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