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Technology Enhances Wine, Spirits and Beer Labels

What is the reason for naming the wine? Or is this the reason behind the brand of beer and cocktail? Obviously, the main answer to this question is Observance of the TTB (Alcohol, Tobacco Elements and Trade Tax) guidelines. When visiting, the remaining space of the brand and the redundant advertising part can be used. In fact, there is almost no space on bottle labels to innovate with supermarkets. On your cell phone, tap a nearby DOMAIN Communications (NFC) tag on the jar and see what appears on your cell phone if the name tag is currently present.

Depending on the winery’s financial plan and the number of mobile phones combined with users of RFID tags (newer mobile phones have inherent limitations), wines, beers, and spirits can be discussed directly with the customer staying ahead. Container or closed area in the region. . These electronic names can give data in any structure. The data can be opened normally by voice, message, or web page; The least expensive option is to use NFC tags that remember a minimal tag or a compatible movie attached to the container.

This NFC innovation has many names, such as smart tags, tags, and OpenSense names; The title I use is “Tap Labels”. Shiny labels (from Jupiter’s business) began to appear on foods, individual considerations, and pharmacies. Although the cocktails, drinks, and wine are about 100%. Generally, names are a way for product manufacturers to provide buyers with more data than can be printed on the label. However, the advantages of these tags are not limited to refraining from additional data, but also tags, dedication, extended offers, and so on.

They can play a role in the fields that an NFC tag can play, but they are limited. More information on the NFC QR code vs.

Twenty years ago I was caught up in the strategies of the club’s Master RFID (Radio and Staff). This restrictive innovation is currently being used to allow a club to control and track betting chips in a game club. Perspective: How complex tagging of innovations allows organizations to talk to buyers even before buying the thing.

A few years ago, Unified Label began offering organizations devices to track inventory, examine parts, and change costs immediately. So, at that moment, the signs of the Radio Repeat Card appeared reflexively and effectively evolved in the element’s monitoring capabilities; Read and record data on the radio repeat card stamp. Depending on the capabilities of the RF card tag, the name data is visible and configured according to that name; We prefer not to forget (QR code) that most mobile phones can externally view and give feedback to the screen via an access point connection. The QR code, which was developed in 1994, has a standard definition as an application. Existing mobile phones come with QR understanding capabilities and more existing radio cables to attach to NFC stickers.

A really strong NFC tag is an RFID tag as thin as 3 sheets of printer paper or 0.0002 inches. The customer can plan the target presentation / page as a winery, bottling company or refinery according to their conviction. The data size of the NFC tag can be around 7 KB. Again, the largest and most convenient RFID tags can offer a lot of freedom and exceptional openings, regardless of the combined cost and investment.



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